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Special thanks go to Mark C, Smithy and James Worrall for tapes and CD's. Also to Kevin Pretlove and Ian Hayter, creators of the Compiled Website (http://www.omd.eu.com/), which has been an invaluable source for gig detail. Most recently, many thanks to Pat Fetty who is now hosting the files for download.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark in 2006.

OMD at Munich, Olympiahalle, Germany 9th December 2006?

The band captured at the Nokia Night of the Proms in 2006. There is some confusion over the date of this recording. It's either the 7th or 9th. The audio is taken from a broadcast on 25th December 2006. Contact me if you can confirm the date.

01. Maid of Orleans
02. Souvenir / If You Leave / Forever Live & Die / Walking On The Milky Way
03. Sailing on the Seven Seas

Recording: WDR2 Digital SAT Broadcast


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