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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark in 1991.

OMD at Manchester Apollo, 2nd July 1991

After the split in 1989 Andy McCluskey returned with the OMD name but was the only original memeber. Completing the live line up were Phil Coxon, Nigel Ipinson & Abe Jukes. This show is the second show of their first tour. Support was from Christer.

01. Apollo XI
02. Sugar Tax
03. Messages
04. Call My Name
05. If You Leave
06. Then You Turn Away
07. So In Love
08. Big Town
09. Talking Loud And Clear
10. Walk Tall
11. Maid Of Orleans
12. Walking on Air
13. Locomotion
14. Dreaming
15. Pandoras Box
16. Sailing On The Seven Seas
17. Enola Gay
18. Joan Of Arc
19. Electricity

Recording: Audience

Download link to follow

OMD at Heaton Park Manchester, 3rd August 1991

This was a two day event known as 'Cities in the Park'. It was held on the 3rd and 4th of August as a tribute to producer Martin Hannett who had died the previous April. The Buzzcocks, Electronicand Revenge were amongst many bands that played over the two days.

01. Enola Gay
02. Messages
03. Call My Name
04. So In Love
05. Walk Tall
06. Joan Of Arc
07. Maid Of Orleans
08. Talking Loud & Clear
09. Locomotion
10. Dreaming
11. Pandora's Box
12. Sailing On The Seven Seas
13. Electricity

Recording: Audience

Download link to follow

OMD at Milton Keynes Bowl, 24th August 1991

OMD were supporting Simple Minds at this gig which was broadcast on Radio 1. Power was lost during the 5th song. Downloads are in 3 part flac and single mp3 files.

01. Enola Gay
02. Messages
03. Call My Name
04. Electricity
05. So In Love (power cut)
06. So In Love
07. Walk Tall
08. Joan of Arc
09. Maid of Orleans
10. Talking Loud and Clear
11. Locomotion
12. Dreaming
13. Pandoras Song
14. Sailing on the Seven Seas

Recording: Radio (BBC)

Download Flac (Part1)      Download Flac (Part2)      Download Flac (Part3)

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